Christmas Trees For Sale – Stoneham, MA

At O’Brien’s Farm Hill Florist and Garden Center located at 224 Main Street Stoneham, MA you will find the perfect Christmas Tree for your holiday season and we offer FREE Christmas Tree Delivery Service to all Stoneham, MA Residents. Stop by O’Brien’s Farm Hill today for all your Christmas Tree and Holiday Season needs.

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Christmas Trees For Sale
Christmas Trees For Sale

Stoneham MA Christmas Tree Sale & Tips

Nearly all Massachusetts Christmas trees are grown as a farm crop for the primary purpose of harvest.  Your choice of a fresh-cut tree continues the natural cycle of planting, nurturing, and harvesting trees in our state. Growing Christmas trees is ecologically beneficial—one acre of Christmas trees provides enough fresh oxygen for 18 people. Young trees actively cleanse the air we breathe and create green belts in urban areas providing clean air for all of us. In addition, Christmas tree plantations preserve open space and provide homes for bird habitat, insects, and wildlife.

How To Select Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees look much smaller outdoors with the sky as the ceiling.  Before you visit O’Brien’s Farm Hill Florist and Garden Center in Stoneham, MA to purchase your Christmas Tree, measure your ceiling height accurately. Then subtract the height of your Christmas tree top ornament and the height your Christmas tree stand raises the tree off the floor.  Now you have the height measurements you need to purchase the correct tree at O’Brien’s Farm Hill in Stoneham, MA. Next measure the width you need.

While searching for the “perfect Christmas tree”, keep in mind that Mother Nature tends to leave the North side of trees less full so that a flat side or two may be helpful fitting a tree closer to a wall or corner eliminating the need to prune at home. O’Brien’s Farm Hill Florist and Garden Center in Stoneham will help you measure the tree you intend to purchase to eliminate the need to prune and cut at home.  Most fresh Christmas trees have soft pliable needles that do not snap when bent or come loose when the outer branches are stroked.

All conifers (evergreen trees) shed needles from inner branches which often lodge in the interior of the tree. This is a normal part of the life cycle of the tree. This phenomenon occurs because the tree is preparing itself for winter.

How To Care for Your Christmas Tree

When you return home with your Christmas tree and you are not putting it inside, cut one half inch off the bottom of the tree, place the base of the tree in water, and store in a cool place. Make sure the tree always has an adequate supply of water.

When you are ready to bring the xmas tree inside, cut one half inch off the bottom of the tree then place the xmas tree in a tree stand that has enough water holding capacity for the stem diameter of the tree. A rule of thumb is one quart of water per inch of diameter stem. Always make sure the water level is above the base of the tree or a partial seal will form and reduce additional water absorption. The best xmas tree preservative is plain water.

Place the Christmas tree away from all heat sources, make sure all lights are safe to use, avoid combustible decorations, and turn off tree lights when away from home or in bed. A xmas tree with high moisture levels significantly reduces needle loss and is almost impossible to ignite.

Recycling Your Christmas Tree

After the holidays, consider giving your Christmas tree a second life as compost, mulch or chips to be used later in a garden or at a landscape project. Clip the branches from the tree and use them as a protective cover on garden plants. Use the tree as a bird feeder which can also be a cover shelter and a shield from harsh weather. If you prefer, transport your tree to a recycling center.

Happy Holidays from O’Brien’s Farm Hill Florist and Garden Center Stoneham, MA.